Ansel Easton Adams was a well-known photographer and environmentalist.  His black and white picture of Yosemite and other areas of western America are renowned worldwide.

He developed the Zone System as a way to determine proper exposure at a time when High Dynamic Range (HDR) did not exist.  He should be considered the inventor of HDR.


This was one of his subjects.  On Mormon row, in Grand Teton National Park, Ansel Adams took a picture of this house.  While I was visiting Mormon row in September 2011 I had to take a picture of this house.  This was a really nice day.  Sun was shining through clouds and this created nice photo opportunities.  When I stop by this house on Mormon row, I wanted to take advantage of the ray of sun through the clouds.  Mormon row, this should mean that God stood here a few hundred years ago right!

When I think of god, I can’t help but think about him looking at us through the clouds and these streaks of lights are perfectly in line with my own representation of it.

So here I am, on Mormon Row with Gods looking at me through the clouds…

Should you go to Grand Teton National Park, take the time to go to Mormon Row.  These old barns and houses are witnesses of what happened centuries ago.  Maybe you’ll be inspired by Ansel Adams or by God himself!

Do you get inspired by Ansel Adams and other long gone photographer?

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