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How to: Taking pictures through fences at the Zoo – 8 Tips to do so.

Taking pictures through fences at the zoo is a challenge Warning: This article aims to help you get rid of fences in the foreground when you takes photos.  Fences in the background are also an issue, however it is very difficult to get rid of fences in post-production (e.g. Photoshop) if they are visible in the foreground while in the background this is less of an issue. You are excited.  You are heading to the zoo with your camera.  It is time to take great pictures of wildlife.  Is it this simple?  Well no, it’s not.  All these nice animals...

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Pictures worth a Thousand Tears

Are pictures worth a thousand words? This is my first post of 2016.  It ought to be special.  In order to start this new year, I would like to bring some light on two pictures I took this year that are worth a thousand tears. The Polytechnique Massacre On December 6th, 1989, 14 women were killed at École Polytechnique in Montreal by a 25 years man.  I was in my car while the snow was falling on Montreal when I learned about it.  I remember vividly how I felt at that moment.  I felt like if I was not...

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How to Avoid Camera Shake

Camera shake is the worst enemy of the photographer when comes time to do a long exposure.  Even when using a normal shutter speed, landscape photography could suffer from camera shake.  Why in landscape more than in other type of photography? Because landscape record with precision very small details.  When looking at these details camera shake, that otherwise would be invisible, is bothering. This picture of a waterfall is a good example of camera shake.  A tripod was not enough… How to avoid Camera Shake? Use a sturdy tripod, built for twice the weight of your gear; Put your tripod...

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