Freezing rain pictures are lovely!

This is why I watched the weather forecast and I knew that this freezing rain would end in the middle of the night and the sun would rise the following morning.

I knew that with this sun, although it was really cold, would eat on that freezing rain and worst of it all, wind will come in and shake my tree ending the magic of it.

So, before the sunrise, I took my gear, put warm clothes and went in the backyard to take some freezing rain pictures before it was too late.  I took this one at 06:40. My first shot was at 06:20 and I was there up to 06:49, half an hour in this freezing cold.  I took my trusty Canon 5D2 along with my 24-105 f4L IS and here the party begin.

Since the sun was rising, I wanted to protect both, the highlight and the shadow.  I shot triple exposure at -2, 0, +2.

When I came back I chose this one.  Helped with Nik Software HDR Efex Pro I succeed in creating something that is what I remember from this morning magic. I use HDR Efex Pro to combine the pictures in HDR and  Lightroom to balance everything the way I liked.

So tell me, are you going out to shoot after bad weather?

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