This is a book review about Creating Deeper Photographs & More Engaging Experiences with David Duchemin

One of the greatest challenges of a photographer is representing a world in three dimensions through a two dimensions medium.  I take pictures since more than 30 years now and often my pictures do not work.  They do not engage the viewer more than a few seconds.

In my pursuit to become a better photographer I am listening to podcasts, reading books and e-books and I went to multiple workshops.

Recently I came across “A Deeper Frame” by +David Duchemin.  This e-book is a great source of inspiration.  Moreover, this book explain concepts skillfully and simply.

David covers multiples topics and illustrates concepts about Depth and Perspective with photographs.  Using graphical elements over these photographs, these concepts are easier to understand.

David tells us in his book:

“The more a photograph recreates the illusion of reality as we experience it, the deeper the potential experience, the longer the memory of the image, the greater the possible impact…”

In order to help us recreate this illusion of reality, David goes through the following concepts:

  • Depth and Perspective
  • The Frame Cubed
  • The use of different optics
  • Depth of Field
  • Use of Colors
  • Use of Light
  • … and Emotions

This book has only 45 pages.  It is a fast read and this is welcome. Early on we feel the urge to try these techniques with our own pictures.  This is exactly what a good book do.  Urge us to experiences by ourself and changing the way we are making pictures.

In this picture, I tried to build upon David’s advice about creating a greater engagement.  The lines in the rock are heading into the picture and there is clear foreground, middle ground and background in this picture.

And at 5$, this book is cheaper than a magazine and about the price of a Cappucino.

I strongly recommend this book from Craft & Vision