Does Bridges inspire you to take pictures?

When we are talking about popular bridges in United States, some bridges come to mind immediately.  The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Coronado Bridge in San Diego or the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

This Bridge has nothing to do with the previous one. However it is so nice, elegant and perfectly made that seeing it means that you can’t forget it afterward.  The bridge and everything around it are just perfect.

When we came in, I was personally disappointed with the light.  The sun was rather high and was shining across the bridge and the small pond in front of it.2012-10-18-EX-0272

Even after years and years making pictures in all kind of situation, it is hard for me to predict what a picture will look like with the constraints imposed on a digital SLR.  By the sound of this, you know that this means “no-good”.

So I put my tripod low on the ground, I bracketed the shot, pressed the shutter to take the picture and did not look back at the screen before moving on to the next promising site.

Later on, I came to realize that this is a good picture!  The light is great.  Shooting into the sun is often unpredictable. This means that you have to take chances and some time you will be blessed by the results!

Don’t forget to bracket, doing so, you will be able to rescue the picture more easily.

This small Bridge over Maine was one of the nice location we visited when we did our Acadia National Park Photo Workshop.  A place to be with a camera!

Do you get good surprised when you look at your pictures when you are post processing them?

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