Camera Megapixel Myth debunked

In the last few months new camera from both Canon and Sony were released.  50 and 42 megapixels respectively.  Now, how many megapixels are really needed for Landscape Photography?  Most pictures today end up on web site where screen size are usually at max 1920 x 1200 maximum.  This means only 2 mega pixels you know?
This being said, phone, compact camera and DSLR are increasing their mega pixels count every day.  With DSLR reaching a whopping 50 MPs and point and shoot from 12 to 24 MPs you ought to ask yourself the question.  How much is enough?

The Camera Megapixel Myth – What are really worth these megapixels?

Just 2 years ago in 2013, the Grand Prize Winner at  the Annual Photo Contest themed “The American Landscape” by Outdoor Photographer  was awarded to +Stephanie Sawyer  and was shot with a Canon 30D.  Look at her stunning picture taken with an 8,2 Megapixels Camera thas is now 6 years old.   Did she really need more megapixels?  She shot the scene as a Panorama.  So nice.

Another argument supporting the camera megapixel myth is the following year winner picture by Michael Sherman.  The winning picture, a gorgeous one, was taken with a Nikon D3100 coupled with the Kit Lens that has an ok reputation.  At just over 14 Megapixels we can ask ourselves if this is enough…

If Michael Sherman and Stephanie Sawyer can win over the crown in this popular annual photo contest with their camera, you can too make great picture.  In fact, the vista and preparation are more important to the final quality of their images than the hardware itself.

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When I perceive that I need more megapixels, I don’t.  When I want more megapixels, I shoot a panorama. This shot is a 26MPs and was crop down from a 61MPs picture taken as a Panorama.  You are seeing it on your regular screen at probably 2 Megapixels.  (Some lucky readers might look at it on a 14MP iMak 5K display…).  By the way, to further make a point here.  More than 50% of you are looking at it on a tablet or a phone that is less than 10 inches in diagonal.

Today’s tools enable you to merge multiple shots in a single one and it is rather difficult, if not impossible to tell that there is 6 pictures in this single panorama.

I recently sold my Canon 5D Mark III to buy a Fujifilm X-T1 moving from 21 to 16 Megapixels.  I chose less weight over more megapixels.  I understand that if I can’t get to where these great pictures are taken, at a time where the light is fantastic, all the megapixels I carry are worthless.

81 Megapixels Picture shot with a Fujifilm X-T1

81 Megapixels Picture shot with a Fujifilm X-T1

So, instead of waiting for the new Camera or the Money to buy the latest and greatest, go out and shoot.  You can do as well as Stephanie Sawyer with your existing camera.

Do you agree that it is time debunk the Camera Megapixel fave.  It is one of the least important feature in your upcoming photography successes.  Please tell me.  In terms of megapixels do you aim up?