In this gear review I share with you my experience with the Canon EF 40mm f 2.8 STM.

The canon 40mm f2.8 stm review

This lens is truly a great buy.  You can buy this lens, for less than 200$ in most store.  Here is what I like from this lens:

  • This lens is so small you can have it in your pocket and forget about it.  Small and light are great qualities for a piece of gear.  Often I chose what to bring from what to leave behind me based on size and weight.
  • This lens is really sharp.  Prime lens are usually sharp, however when you consider the price and the build construction, one would expect that there is drawback in terms of sharpness.  Not so.  This lens is as sharp as a nifty fifty.
  • Another great advantage of this lens is that you do not get noticed that much when using it on a Canon EOS DSLR.  This could be a great advantage when doing street photography or attending event where photographer with “professional” camera are not welcome.
  • This lens use STM technology to focus also called stepping motor.  On my current camera, a Canon 5D Mark III it is quiet and smooth.  On future camera that allows for continuous autofocus when shooting video, STM will be an extra asset.
  • 7 diaphragm blades create nice bokeh at larger aperture.

When I leave home this lens is either on my Canon DSLR Camera or in my pocket.  Should I bring a backpack there is no reason to leave this lens home, it is so small and light.

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