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Photography in Bad Light

Save your Pictures in bad light by Bracketing your shot while on site. Then do a little bit of magic with Photomerge to HDR from Lightroom in Photoshop. Your picture will look great!

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Selective HDR, Easy or real Easy?

Over processed HDR images are neither good or bad in themselves. The subject might demand or be better represented by pushing the boundaries a little bit. Some subject does not allow for any bit of over processing.

I found this snow blower, jammed in the snow at the end of February 2014. Evidently, by the look of it, this equipment has gone through time. It deserves to be shown in its full glory.

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HDR Panorama

Landscape and HDR Panorama, How to do an HDR Panorama or when does HDR Panorama can save the shot? This post covers a real scenario where this technique saved the shot. Read along to find out about that story. Noon hour is not a good time and more so to take a picture of a waterfall. I had to think about both, High Dynamic Range and Reducing the light for a nice soft look of the falling water.

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Landscape Photography Preparation

What is more important: Preparation, Technique or Post-processing?
This is the Historic site of “Île des Moulins” located in Terrebonne, Quebec. This site was preferred for watermills back in the days. Watermills were commonly used for crushing wheat, cutting wood etc… Five stone buildings have been restored to be a witness of the initial vocation of this site.

In order to be true to the historic nature of the site, I made some decisions in preparation for taking this picture. Preparation really help make a picture sing!

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