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Is there a debate RAW vs JPEG?

Some of you might ask if it is really worth the trouble to shoot RAW over Jpeg. Apparently, if you shoot RAW you get many advantages over Jpeg. What are the real advantages of RAW and does these really matters to you?

I read multiples articles on the topic. This one will go a step further in explaining the differences between both with the end result in mind. I mean: a picture on a screen or printed and hanging on your wall.

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Black and White Conversion

Converting to black and white

There are a limited number of amateur photographers who bother to explore black and white conversion. It’s a shame. There are so many opportunities! Often, a photo that is just ok is beautiful in black and white.

So, I was stuck for inspiration lately. I had committed to produce two black-and-white photographs for the exhibition of the Blainville Photo Club. The exhibition is taking place from March 13th to 30th 2014 at the Galerie d’Art de

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