I love cityscape photography.  When walking with my DSLR on my shoulder in city streets  I try to pay attention to reflection in building windows.  Sometime, we can find nice composition.  Reflections are always unpredictable.  Moving a few feet left or right can make such a difference.   Additionally, reflection are often partial, we see reflection and partly  through the windows.

Cityscape photography and viewpoint importance.

This picture might be considered interesting for a few reasons:

  • These windows are evidently on a recent building.  The design is modern;
  • The building being reflected in the windows is older.  It’s small windows and overall design let us believe that this building is probably a century old;
  • Looking in the windows is like looking through time;
  • There is two persons in the windows looking at the older building, this help connect the old with the new.

When I took the picture in Munich in 2009, I did not saw these two persons looking at the old building through the window.  All my attention was on the old building and its reflection in the new one.  Should I have noticed these two, I would have compose the differently, I would have move to my left.  Doing so, these two persons would have been more visible.  Their contribution to the picture would be more important.

Our visual system is very advanced.  When our attention is on  something distractions are non-existent.  This is why it is so important to take the time to look for more details that are in the scene and that contribute positively or negatively to the picture.  Doing so, you can avoid distraction or leverage some details by taking these into account.

Please have a look at other resources on the web by googling “Cityscape photography”