Rules of compositions help us communicate.  For example, we feel better when everything is at its place and order reign in our life.  We do not like Chaos.  When we feel that things are out-of-place this create discomfort.  Geometrical shapes are reassuring.

In this picture, there is order.  There is triangle, square, rectangle and even octagon.  All arranged in a symmetrical way that instills us to think that everything is at its place.  There is order.  We know everything is alright.

Rules of compositions:  Let’s talk about Power of Shapes

The scene below is a frame within the frame. Tall buildings create a square shape that protect the Octagonal shape of the parasols and the square shape of lunch tables.

This picture is from the tower above the Munich City Hall in 2009.  I took many pictures while up there.  When I took this picture I had no clue that I would write this article in early 2013.  I chose this composition over many others available to me.  I felt comfortable with this composition.  All the elements in the picture are symmetrical and reflect order.

When creating a picture it is important to remember that humans like order and dislike chaos.  Depending on what you want to communicate with your picture you should take this into consideration.  Should you want to inspire comfort and peace, then chose order, geometrical shapes and symmetry.  At contrary, should you want to make your audience unease with your picture, go with chaos.

I took a few dozen pictures from this tower over city hall.  I selected this one over others as representing my experience visiting the Munich City Hall.

Think about this.  When we ask you to describe something you have seen, you will start this description by talking about shapes.  Shapes help define proportion, relation and mass.  We can tell if it is heavy, big or small using shapes. Shapes also help connect different objects in a scene with each other.

Moreover, each geometrical shape communicates differently to the viewer.  The circle shape is very dynamic and is often used to communicate speed, while the octagonal shape is mostly used to have us stop.

When communicating through your picture to your audience, take the time to consider shapes and what they communicate.  Take the time to read this longer blog post about shape from KL Raja Ponsing on shape.  You will find this article very interesting.