When you keep your eyes open and you are looking for the light, you find nice subjects.  Looking for the light is something that is hard to explain.  Light has so many properties!  In photography, light is everything.  Without light, it is impossible to take a picture.  Too much light is also a problem!

The sun was slowly setting over Siena in Italy and the property of the light were changing quickly.  I took a few picture of the landscape under the setting sun.  These look very promising.  While walking I saw this man, resting on a stone wall.  The sun was setting behind the building and the light was rather nice.  The only thing that was bothering me was his grocery bags on the floor.  I raised the camera, took the picture and forgot about it.  These grocery bags prevented me to use this shot afterward.

Today, I am doing some housekeeping in my lightroom Library.  While doing so, I see this picture again.  I can’t help but ask myself if I can fix this.  These bags are not small electric wire over a blue sky!

Can Photoshop Content Aware fill really help out?

My first attempt was not that good.  The area is too big for Content Aware fill to understand what I want.  How about helping CAF?


Using the Clone tool, I took large part of the stone wall on the left and copy these over the bags.  Colors do not fit, shapes do not fit either, and this is a mess.  However, after doing this, the areas over which CAF would have to work is very small!

By slowly painting over the mismatch with Content Aware fill, the areas become quite nice.  So now, I can show this picture without the grocery bags.  In fact, as you can see it, the main interest lie in what I learned I can do with CS5 Content Aware fill!

This is why I don’t delete picture.  I never know what I will be able to do to today’s’ pictures with tomorrows’ software.  Learn more on CAF on Scott Kelby’s blog.