In my opinion, creative composition is always a bonus.  By changing your viewpoint to create an alternative composition you have the power to amaze the viewer.  In this example of a bridge over heading a stream in Acadia National Park, the composition makes it all.

Is there place for creative composition when making picture of strong subjects?

This bridge is stunning!

Usual composition would lead us to a traditional picture seeing the bridge from the side with water flowing toward or away from the viewer.  I would urge you to take that picture.  However, in this case the strong subject is better depicted by looking under the bridge.  Amazingly, below this bridge, there are hundreds of pebble rocks going from one side to the other side of the bridge.  Building that bridge is a very strong example of exceptional craftsmanship.  It is certainly very difficult to have sizable pebble rock stick to the ceiling of a bridge.

This view was only possible by thinking “creative composition” and exploring the subject more than just a few minutes.  Since I was on a workshop with Juan Pons, I have no merit.  Juan told me about this exceptional composition.

In Acadia National Park, Maine, United States, this is only one of the great showing you can witness.  Be it artificial or the result of mother earth you can rest assure that you will have great time visiting this National Park.  Since Juan was with us for this visit, our experience was much more rewarding.  Knowing the place as he does along with his tips, tricks and creative vision made great pictures.

Keeping water silky in the bottom part of the stream add value to this picture.  A sturdy tripod is essential to keep the rest of the picture sharp.  As you can imagine, there is less light under the bridge than in the open space on each side.  Bracketing the shot and using Nik Software HDR Efex Pro in post-production create a greater viewing experience.  There are lots of details both, under the bridge and in the bright lit areas on each side.

Technical details:

Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
Lens:  Canon EF 17-40 f4L
Aperture: f/11
Bracketing: 7 exposures from -3 to +3

This picture and many other pictures taken while exploring Acadia National Park are available for sale as a fine art print.