Creative enhancements are not for the faint of heart.

Some subjects are perfect for creative enhancements.  Today’s software like Photoshop and Lightroom can create interesting pictures from ordinary subjects.

Well, this is not an ordinary subject; however the composition is one that could be associated with fine arts instead of Landscape Photography.  I did this on purpose.   These steps created by water flowing from this Yellowstone Geysers over time are mesmerizing.

By carrying loads of minerals, these steps formed over centuries.  We can see colors ranging from cream to earth tones.  When on site in September 2011, what strikes me in this scene was the lighter tone going from the upper right to the lower left.  This was like a river flowing through a series of steps.

As you know, camera sensors are not as good as the human vision, far from it.  In lightroom I pushed this picture a lot to recreate the path from upper right to lower left.  This subject could be pushed a lot more than a human face.  One of the challenges facing the editor of photography is to understand how far they can go with a picture.  Globally or locally, adjustments could be done that will represent your memories accurately in your pictures.

Yellowstone was stunning of beauty.  On multiple occasions I was in awe looking at the tortured landscape of Yellowstone.  However when I came back and I found that my pictures where not as I remember these scenes.  Some of them, like this one, could benefit from some editing .

When your memories are not in line with the digital files you are bringing back, do you think about some Creative Enhancements?

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