Creative photography might be of great help.  There are multiple composition rules that you can use or break that would increase your creativity.  Creativity is the cornerstone of getting noticed and remembered.

Do you want more creativity in your photography?

In this picture I used multiple composition rules to make this picture more engaging to the viewer. Let’s review together the rules used and how they help to the picture:

  • Leading lines; the river bank on both side are creating curved lines that are leading in the upper right quadrant of the picture.
  • Perspective; the river is getting narrower as we look further and this help define more clearly the third dimension.
  • Reflection: Reflection in water always brings value.  Water help defined the horizon line and we understand that reflection is at angle of 90 degrees with its source.  Further helping recreate the third dimension.
  • Rules of third: The River is flowing from the lower right through the upper left than the upper right.  These three points are more or less on the thirds of the picture, both horizontally and vertically.

We could also consider the value of the cool color (blue of the sky reflected in the river) being framed by warm color (yellow of the weeds on each side of the river).

This photograph is a good example of creatively using multiple composition rules to enhance an ordinary landscape subject.  Creative Photography is about using various means to enhance an ordinary subject and create a good picture.

Since most of us will be facing ordinary subject far more often than stunning one, practicing creative photography will enhance most photographs that we take.  And should you be facing a stunning subject, Creative Photography will get you the most out of it.

Will you try creative photography using composition on your next opportunity?