Creative Photography is all about making an ordinary subject, stunning or interesting.  Engaging your viewer in the photograph having the viewer, wonder, ask questions and exploring.

Creative photography supported by Nik Software Viveza

This is a great subject.  Does Creative Photography can still help this subject?

What is Creative Photography?

I took this picture on the Island of Maui.  I used a Canon 7D with a focal length of 82mm that is the equivalent of 135mm.  I was at a good distance up on a hill when I took this picture.

Because of the enclave situation of this waterfall and pound at the base of it, the water in the pound looked green on the original picture.  This is not the color we are expecting for water.  Water is usually reflecting the sky and not the surrounding vegetation.

Since blue water is more appealing to me and to potential viewer I used Viveza, from Nik Software to alter the color of water.

Nik Software Control point technology is fantastic for selecting exactly what you want without affecting the surrounding area when altering a picture.  Using Viveza I was able to restore the water to the blue color that we expect when looking at a scene like this.

Placing the pond in the middle of the picture is intentional.  I want to show how the pond is lost in the jungle.

Even great subject benefit from Creative Photography.  Do you think creatively when making photographs or are you just taking pictures?