I really like trying something different to create pictures that are unusual, abstract and draw the attention.  Creative Photography is a way to make this.  You can go creative with most of your camera setting.  In this early winter morning, I worked with slow shutter speed.

My darling showed me how the light was nice in this early morning of December.  I went out with my snow shoes, my camera, and a tripod and walked into the light.  I took many landscape pictures that were interesting however I felt that I was not able to get the most out of the landscape in front of me.  I then remember what I did back in October while in Acadia National Park.  Why not try it again?

The rising sun could be vaguely seen through the trees in front of me.  Its yellow glow gave some color to an otherwise black and white view composed of snows and naked trees.  I set up my shutter speed to 1/6 seconds (my favorite shutter speed for this technique), aperture at f/18 and ISO at 100.  I started shooting the trees while moving the camera up and down.  I took over 60 pictures doing so without looking back at the LCD monitor.  I knew that out of these, one would show me what I wanted.

When you go outside the norm, either by using slow shutter speed or very shallow depth of field, you can create something that is really different.  This is what I call Creative Photography.

The entire population of the world took 10% of the photos ever taken in the last 12 months and Facebook publish 300 million new pictures every day according to buzzfeeds.  You want to get noticed for your photography?  You better be creative!!!

About post processing:

With these type of picture you can push a little harder without being noticed 😉  In order to get the impact I needed, I used only Lightroom 4.3 and I set up these value:

White point: +50
Black point: – 50
Clarity: +9
Vibrance: +16
Saturation: +47

Canon 5D Mark III with Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS at 82mm.