Slow shutter speed is magical.  Creative photography using a slow shutter speed can create great results.  A sharp subject with blurred moving surroundings is always interesting.  Blurred subject that could be recognized help confer speed and can create amazing pictures.

Everybody has heard about the Cable Car in San Francisco.

The cable car provides great opportunity for Creative Photography.

This picture is the result of great techniques or amazing luck:

  • Our subject, the man in the foreground is sharp.  His face is tack sharp. He is looking at a tourist map and he is pointing at something on his map while talking to his Girlfriend;
  • The Girlfriend is looking in the direction the cable car is heading preparing for the next stop;
  • There is a strong feeling of speed associated with the blurred street pavement;
  • The leading lines on the street create a perspective and help appreciate the scale of the street and the third dimension;
  • The picture is more dynamic because it is at a small angle;
  • The movement is blurring the various element in the foreground and the background.  A shallow depth of field also help delineate the subjects from the surrounding elements;
  • The subject and interaction are clear to the viewer.

One of the disadvantages of photography over movie is that photography is static.  Photography is a two dimension media of a moment frozen in time.  When looking at these pictures where everything is sharp and in focus they are looking unnatural to us.  Peoples talk, cars move etc… Pictures looks unnatural when everything is static.

When we can recreate this illusion of movement, dynamism in our picture, we are winning over our imagination.  Our mind is doing the rest for us and recreates the scene with its movement, speed and emotion.

The subject is moving and the camera is moving.  If they both move in synchronicity, the subject could be sharp even at a slow shutter speed. Get the most of your photo opportunity and use Slow Shutter Speed and be more creative.  Doing so, you can create more interesting pictures.

This is also a great example of Street Photography.  Make sure you are recording what is happening in front of you with all its movement using a slow shutter speed.  You like Street Photography?  Read more about it on   You want to be more creative with your photography?