Creative Photography while shooting landscape is a challenge.  By definition, a landscape picture should show the landscape and help us appreciate the beauty of it along with creating this sense of depth common with three dimensions we can see when being outside.Desolation in Yellowstone

Creative Photography needs a great subject.

The subject is also playing a key role in making the picture interesting.  Is there a story to the picture?  Most landscape pictures are just pretty.  Don’t get me wrong, this is a great quality and if the photographer succeeds to have you book a flight to go there, this is a great achievement!

Besides being pretty, is there a story, something happening or that has happened that make us wonder, think, go back in time or head into the future.

In this picture we see the impact time had on a group of trees.  Time, combined with water flowing from a sulfuric pond in Yellowstone National Park has taken over the full landscape.  Tree trunks are emerging from calcite deposit like helpless prisoners.

This picture depicts a story.  The sad story of a group trees growing in a hostile territory.

Some will find that there is also beauty in this landscape picture.  The various earth tones, shapes and patterns of something greater and stronger than nature itself are interesting. The sky is also interesting with these cloud formations under a blue sky.

The question is: “Do you like this picture?” ask yourself the question sincerely.  After answering it then asks yourself “Why do you like or don’t like this picture?”

What other people think are irrelevant.  This picture could be nice only in the eyes of a viewer.


Technical details:

  • Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Induro CT-214 Tripod with BHD2 Head
  • Lens Canon EF 24-105mm f4L IS at 24mm
  • B&W Circular Polarizer
  • Shutter speed 1/100 sec.
  • Aperture f / 8
  • ISO : 100
  • GPS Coordinates: 44°58’1″ N 110°42’22” W

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