What is Creative Photography?

Creative Photography is all about making an ordinary subject, stunning or interesting.  Engaging your viewer in the photograph having the viewer, wonder, ask questions and exploring.

You thought that climbing the ladder of corporate america was difficult?  Then picture this!

You thought that climbing the ladder of corporate america was difficult? Then picture this!

Depth of field and Creative Photography

Depth of field is one of the easy way to get creative with photography.  By choosing a narrow depth of fields, element in the background or foreground will be totally different than usual.  They will look “dreamy”  We often use the term “Bokeh” to qualify the blurry nature of out of focus areas of the photograph.

This picture is a good example of how to get the most out of the narrow depth of field.  Let’s explore this picture together:

What do you think about using Depth of Fields to do creative photography?

  • The subject is the Stamen of a Dictamnus Alba, a flower rarely seen in our garden.  The stamen in  focus is on one of the thirds of the picture, with the filament aligned with the left third line.
  • The filament heading to the pollen on this anther is really interesting.  The bright red color spots on these filaments get our attention.
  • The heart of the flower is darker and is behind the anther that is in focus.  This darker area around this anther isolates the subject.  From the heart of the flower the petal are spreading in all direction creating a nice blurry background.
  • Other stamens are in the foreground and the background at various distances and have different sharpness characteristics.  This recreates the third dimension that does not exist in a photograph.
  • The black background is not distracting.  Our attention remains on the subject.

In my opinion this is a great picture of a nice subject.

The Dictamnus Alba is rarely seen.  The properties of its stamen are interesting and attract and keep the attention.  This is a nice and interesting subject.

Using a shallow depth of field, and framing the subject this way makes the subject pop on the screen and all surrounding element support the subject.  This is a near perfect composition.  The only improvement would be to cut exposition on the background.  The bright nature of the Dictamnus alba petal are somewhat distracting even if they are really out of focus.

Technical details:

  • Camera Canon 450D
  • Lens Canon EF-S 60mm f 2.8 Macro
  • Aperture f / 2.8
  • Shutter speed 1/15 sec.

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