Silhouette is a strong way to communicate.  When we are talking about Creative Photography, silhouette is certainly a common way to simplify a message.  A simple message is a stronger message.

In a silhouette, we underexposed the foreground subject.  There is very little details in it.  We only see the shape of the subject.  To work well, the subject, even though it has no details, is easily recognizable.

A silhouette is a very strong creative photography technique.

In a silhouette the background is well exposed but is generally simple to fit the simple subject contour over a more luminous background.  It is a great if the background support the subject.  Having a distracting background will kill the subject.

In this picture there are strong and weak points.

Let’s review first the strong points:

  • Palm trees and a Hammock are in the foreground;
  • The composition is great;
  • The background supports the subject.  The sea and the sunset fit nicely with Hammock and Palm trees;
  • The picture is generally underexposed.

Let’s review the weak points:

  • The hammock is not tack sharp on the left side;
  • The sea is just a very small band;
  • There is beach chair in the middle of the hammock.  We barely see them.  They would have brought extra value should they be more visible.

I have no excuse.  I was alone on the beach, I could have change various element to create a better picture.  When  told to make picture and not just take picture, this is a perfect example of what not to do.  In this case, I just took a picture.

One of the best ways to improve your photography is to take a dozen of your past pictures, and ask yourself what you would do differently would you be there again now.  Take the time to write it down.  Doing so, you will get better and your reflex will be with you when needed.

Tell me about your own experience looking back at some of your last pictures.  Anything you would change?  Use the comment option below to write what you found.