Photo journalist where used to says: “f/8 and be there”. It meant that it was more important to be on site when the action was happening than technical details like exposure and so on.  At f/8, chances are that enough of it would be sharp on a 35mm camera to be published in the newspaper.

It is true that “be there” is the most important of it all.  You remember when I did came on site late for the sunrise and came back only with grey clouds?  This was my fault.  I needed to be there on time to get the shot.

On this picture it was easy to be there.  I slept on site at my father’s camp where we fished for a few days.  Only me, my father and mother.  Since I live away from them, this time with them is precious.  This being said, nothing did prevent me to get out and shoot while they were still sleeping.

This is a rather simple shot.  It would not win any contest in my opinion.  Composition is good.  Subject is clear and well represented.  The Boat is also giving the impression that he’s getting out of the picture.  From a technical point of view, this is a good picture.

A good picture depends a lot on our background, education, culture and what we did experienced in our past life.

For me this is a great shot.  This boat is where we spent so much good time the three of us together in 2012.  I want to go back to this boat.  This is why this is a great picture to me.

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