This week I had the pleasure to help a group that is putting together a Musical based on the popular Spring Awakening.  These young artist decided that Cancer deserved a fight and will donate all proceeds to the Canadian Cancer Fundation.  I took pictures on the general repetition just before the premiere to help with promote the event.  This was a pro-bono engagement.


Getting prepared is always a bonus.  I went to their repetition before the general repetition which helped me understand where I should be on each scene to take the shot needed to truly represent what was happening.  Being on the good side and right distance is a boon to the photographer.  I understand that I took 2 x time 3 hours before the real shoot, however, this would have been a failure not doing so.  Doing pro-bono does not mean doing it on the cheap.  In fact, you should do the best that you can!

In this picture, this young girl is “apparently” reading her boyfriend letter while we see in the backgroup the boyfriend speaking during the performance.  Not knowing that this would be happening, might have found me in the wrong spot to cover this scene appropriately.

It is rather amazing to see  a group of young artists working as a team toward a same goal.  They deserve our admiration.  As a side benefit of doing this pro-bono engagement, I got one of my picture published in regardencoulisse.  Another reason to do the best you can!

Canon 5D III
Canon 24-105 f4L
Nik Silver Efex Pro

Since this musical describes what was used to happens 100 years ago, I chose B&W and a rather grainy old look.  It did help at 6,400 ISO

Additionnal pictures available here:

Please support Research on Cancer.   This has to stop.


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