Documentary photography is usually covered by professional photojournalism.  However, everybody can record to keep our fresh memories.

As events are happening, photography is a strong medium to record these events for others.  This is also useful for the future generations.  A good understanding of our history helps us makes better decisions.  Decisions made today will materially affect our future.

This is a picture of the Memorial of Dachau.  Dachau was the first concentration camp for political prisoners.  It opened only 51 days after Hitler took power. When opening other Nazi concentration camps, Dachau served as a model.

In 2009, we spent a few days in Munich as tourist.  We hired a guide for the visit to Dachau.  This was a revelation for us.  Over 200,000 Peoples died in Dachau under the Nazi administration.

This article is not about making a story of the Dachau Concentration Camp.  I would urge you instead to consult the great Wikipedia Article on the topic and the Dachau Memorial Web site.  Should you have some more time, visit this blog post also on  It is well worth your time.

Here is how the Dachau Memorial Web Site describe the sculpture by Nandor Glid:

“Here the sculpture by Nandor Glid emerges: fence posts, ditches and barbed wire are reminiscent of the security facilities installed around the camp. The human skeleton commemorates those, who in an act of desperation, jumped into the barbed wire fence. Death in the concentration camp was commonplace and ubiquitous. This depiction is not only symbolic; it also tells the story of the many suicides that were committed in this way in the Dachau concentration camp. As the visitor enters further into the incline, the motif of humans caught in barbed wire intensifies, like an altarpiece, a triptych. The sculpture is framed by cement posts that reflect the security installation of the former concentration camp. This is one example of how the monument connects art and reality in its design.”

The intent here is to urge you to do Documentary Photography.  In the years to come, your child and grand-child will thanks you for doing so.  The society at large might benefit from your archive.  Documentary Photography helps us remember and by remembering we can grow as a society.

I would also urge you to visit Memorials, Monuments, National Parks and other Historic sites while travelling.  We have learned so much in these few hours we spent with our guide while in Dachau.  Should you be in Munich, spend some time to find out about Dachau.  It is easily accessible and finding a guide to help you out appreciate your visit will be easy.  They are usually found at the train station early morning every day.