What can you do to get sharp pictures?

How do you improve your picture sharpness and details once taken?  Sharp pictures are much more appealing!


Make your picture appealing

Just a little bit of additional details helps this picture so much.

While participating to The Giving Lens program with Empowerment International in Granada, we met many interesting people.  This man came to us while we were taking pictures and spontaneously took a pose for us to bring him back in pixels and memory.

While the original picture was interesting taken at 1/800s at f2.8 on my 5D3, it lack something.  Picture sharpness and details where not as I remembered the scene.  While there is various options for converting color pictures to black & white, I tried something different.

Using Nik Software HDR Efex Pro, I chose a monochrome style sheet and increased contrast and structure to improve on the original color picture.  I add some vignette and Voilà, a decent black & white conversion that truly show this man as I remember it.

In this case, I used Nik Software HDR Efex Pro on a single picture.  RAW files have a greater dynamic range than a .jpg file.  Raw file on modern DSLR camera have 14 bits of luminance information while .jpg only allow for 8 bits. Try it out by yourself, Nik Software offer free try of their software.

For more information on the amazing work that Empowerment International is doing, please visit their website: http://www.empowermentinternational.org

For more information on the work done by +Colby Brown at The Giving Lens, their workshop around the world enabling you to  explore, document and work hand in hand with the local communities, please visit their website: http://thegivinglens.com

The Giving Lens is returning to Nicaragua next February with +Jay Patel +Valerie Patel and +Michael Bonocore .  This gonna be a wonderful experience for those of you that are part of it.