Well, sometime you have to do what’s needed to get it in camera.  On this early morning, I knew that the sunrise would be beautiful.  I had to be on location at 05:15 to get the most out of it.  On location meant 1:10 of driving and 50 minutes of hiking up to the summit of “Montagne d’Argent” in the Laurentians.

Sunset in the Laurentiens

Sunset in the Laurentiens

So here I am at 03:00 picking my Lowepro Bag that I did prepare the night before.  I did include two headlamps that where needed to walk in the dark up to the summit. At sunrise, you need backup.  This means two headlamps with battery fully charged.  At sunset, I would advise to also have spare battery for both of them.

Although you can think about being on site on time on your first ascent for a great sunrise shot, I do recommend doing this on day time first.  This will help make it a success.  You will know how much time is needed and in the darkness it is so easy to get lost.  I did got lost on my first ascent and believe me, I was quite happy to be there in full light.

So here I am and everything is perfect.  Naturally, I am alone and I do enjoy every minute of it.  The best of it, I am back home at 09:00 and can care about all the things that I am responsible at home.
So you have no excuse now.  Get prepared by trekking it beforehand.  Get everything in the bag the night before (don’t forget water) and get up early and enjoy the sunrise!

So will you get up early?  Fall is coming our way; just imagine how nice this place will be!

Technical Details:

Canon 5D Mark III
ISO 100
Canon EF 24-105 f4L IS USM at f/8 and 105mm
5 shot 1 1/3 stop apart middle shot at 0,5 seconds
Processed with Nik Software HDR Efex PRO

 46°7’49” N 74°40’39” W

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