What a nice name “East Quoddy” lighthouse.  This is one of the largest lighthouses on eastern coast.  This lighthouse includes five structures: the lighthouse tower itself, the adjoining dwelling, fog alarm building, a work shed and a boathouse.

East Quoddy Lighthouse has a long history as an aid to navigation in the Bay of Fundy and Passamaquoddy Bay. On the northern tip of Campobello Island, which is the largest of a number of islands in the Passamaquoddy Bay near the border of Maine and New Brunswick.  Campobello Island is closer to the coast of Maine as it is to New Brunswick.

The island is probably best known as the site of the summer home of Franklin D. Roosevelt.  This is where he spent his summers as a child.

Head Harbour lighthouse is about two and a half miles from the nearest community, the beach Wilson. The rocky outcrop on which the station is set becomes an island at high tide and is connected with the main body of the island by several of these rocks near islands.

The Friends of East Quoddy

Today The Friends of The Head Harbour Light station are in charge.  Their mission includes:

  • To preserve and protect the cultural and historical value of the Head Harbour Light station;
  • To honor and respect the fisheries tradition and the value of the sea and the business community of Campobello Island;
  • To offer an emergency response service for disentanglement and the rescue of stranded marine mammals in the Bay of Fundy area.

Fortunately I came to East Quoddy Lighthouse at low tide.  At low tide we can use stairs to reach the lighthouse.  On site I met the Friends of the Head Harbour Lightstation, Inc., a Canadian registered charity, which bears all the costs of maintenance and restoration.  Dedicated to “preserve, protect, and promote the unique heritage of the Head Harbour Lightstation for the enjoyment and education of all,” the Friends apply all cross-over and tour fees to their restoration and maintenance activities.

I plan to return to East Quoddy Lighthouse to take picture at Sunrise and Sunset.  Hopefully, the Friends of the Head Harbour Lightstation could use these in their future communication.

Do you visit National Monument like the Head Harbour Lightstation?