Enhancing Photography Subject: Creating a Picture

Photography is a communication art form.  I love pictures that create emotions and propel me into action.   When you decide to create a picture you could consider these questions:

  • What is the subject?
  • Is there something distracting that will take my audience away from the subject?
  • What can I do to make my subject pop and be the center of attention?
  • How can I keep the viewer a little bit longer?

The process of creating a picture is then all about enhancing my subject.  The number of tools at your disposal in order to do so is rather impressive today.  Modern camera and Cell Phones have multiple options available to enhance the subject after the taking the shot.

Enhancing the Subject in Camera walk-through:

In this picture I wanted to create a compelling story by enhancing the subject in camera.  Vacation, represented by the Hammock is my subject in this picture.  I tried to create a compelling sense of peace and calm in a heavenly surrounding inspiring vacation.  Let’s review the way I am trying to achieve this:

  • The areas in focus include the subject:

There are multiples ways to apply selective focus depending on your focal length aperture, distance of the subject and the surrounding element.  This one is the result of a Lensbaby Composer

Other options include a Tilt-Shift lens and in some condition a small aperture number on a telephoto.  In this picture the effect is really pronounced leading to a dream like vision of these vacations.

  • Composition:

The palm tree is bending over the Hammock just like in these films where a servant is waving palm leaf to breathe fresh air on powerful people.

  • Time of day:

The long shadows on the ground means the end of day or early morning.  Early morning and late afternoon are great time to lay on a Hammock.

  • Post-processing:

A vignette helps keep the viewer within the frame.  It is well known that bright area is attracting our eyes over darker areas.

Creating a picture by enhancing the subject according to a plan, either in camera or in post-production is a good way to work on perfecting your photography.  It is more demanding and often more rewarding to us. 

Although this picture rather old now, I remember all the decisions that went into creating it and I am still happy of the end result.  I don’t know for you but myself I want to go back on vacation whenever I see it.

The painter create an art piece by the process of adding to the canvas multiple elements that enhance the subject. 

The photographer has to work the other way around and position the camera in order to create the best possible scene and find ways to remove unwanted element from the scene using various in-camera and post-production techniques.

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Thanks for reading and pursuing your exploration of photography.