About Event Photography.

Here you are, putting your camera on your shoulder and heading to an outside activity.  This could be a Hot Air Balloon Festival like the one in the picture above.  This is a good time to take pictures.  You will see hundreds of Peoples having fun, colorful and enjoyable activities and so on.

How to get the most out of event photography?  What pictures do you need to bring back in order for these to depict your memories for the years to come?  Here is a list of the 10 most important things to consider when doing so:

Top ten tips for Event Photography:

  • Bring back up!  Dual batteries, dual memory cards and a bottle of water can save the day;
  • Go for versatility! You are not there to shoot billboards.  Bring a versatile zoom and a single portrait lens, like a 50mm prime lens on a crop sensor body.  A small sling  backpack will be plenty enough;
  • Set your camera to rapid fire so you will not miss these spontaneous moment;
  • Avoid Auto White Balance.  Set the white balance on site instead.  AWB can make you nuts in post-production;
  • Get details shots.  These little snippet help recreate the atmosphere;
  • Get candid portraits. With rapid fire enabled, you will end up with a few good pictures you would have missed otherwise;
  • Shoot for colors, shoot for black and white.  By thinking in advance about colorful or monochrome pictures you will catch the true spirit of the event;
  • Go wide and go close.  The same scene often allows for multiple different shots;
  • Play with shutter speed.  Having some picture with movement in them help recreate the action in our memories;
  • Most importantly, change your viewpoint.  Get low on the ground shooting up, climb on something shooting down, look at your subject and background combination while moving around the subject.  This will make all the differences.

Finally, have fun!  Your camera looks both ways.  If you are having fun behind the camera, your friends will have fun in front of it.  You can also check this great article on the subject.