This short sentence “Expression over perfection” says it all and the included picture support this.  When we look at a photograph, what’s more important to the majority of viewers is the emotion felt when looking at this picture.

In absence of emotion, the viewer’s attention will drift away quickly.  Emotions does not necessarily need to be good.  Even in presence of strong sad emotions, the viewer’s interest will be kept longer than if there is no emotion.

Emotion is also at the very source of good lasting memories.  Think back at some of your oldest memories and emotions that occurred on these events contribute a lot to these memories being vivid until today.

I remember vividly today how 35 years ago, while sitting in a cinema, I was called to come on stage to receive a prize that I won on a contest extended to the whole province of Quebec.  I remember exactly on which seat I was sitting in the cinema.

About her expression

This young girl, that is part of the program of Empowerment International, was one of the kids expressing the greatest emotion at anything that happened to her while we were participating to The Giving Lens workshop back in July 2012 in Granada.  From all the kids of that group, she is the one that I remember the most.

When taking a picture or choosing it to share with friends, ask yourself, will the intended audience feel an emotion about this picture.  You are surely feeling great about it but your friends, without your personal understanding of the context, will they feel the emotion needed to have this picture in their memory for more than the usual few seconds.

This is why we are use to say that Expression is far more important than perfection.  Nobody will remember in one week from now if this picture was noisy, some of you might remember that she was having fun!

This picture context:

I spent a week with The Giving Lens and Empowerment International in July 2012.  I personally witnessed how lack of education is hampering the development of this country.  The poverty is a system that feeds itself, creating more poverty.

This little girl and other kids like her, had an impact on me and I now understand better the value  of organisations like The Giving Lens and Empowerment International create.

When you look at a picture you can appreciate only the first group of reasons.  The picture can’t leverage the personal reasons.  When you look at your pictures trying to evaluate how good they are, you have to eliminate personal reasons from your considerations.

So how can you make sure young girls like her get the education they need?

For 1$ a day, Empowerment International will get a child her in the program.  EI will meet with the student  and teacher on a regular basis to monitor his or her progress.  After each meeting EI will meet with the parents to report on the progress and will recommend corrective action as needed. EI also helps facilitate solutions to barriers that arise which would typically cause a child to drop out of school.

So can you sponsor a child  like her for 1$ a day? This is less than a cup of coffee.

You can also  buy this Calendar.  For each Calendar sold 10$ will go to EI to help these kids.

Or you can buy a print of one of these kids.  Again, all the proceeds will go to EI.

The ultimate way to help though is sponsoring a child.  When you make a commitment,  you will receive regular report on the progress of the child you are sponsoring and will have the satisfaction of giving this child the opportunities that  associated with education.

Take a few minute to hear Anielka’s Story:

Wouldn’t you like to see your protégé show such determination and character in a few years from now?