Una foto por favor.  This is so easy.  Even if it is, I have been rude to this woman!  We were a bunch of tourist dropping from a tourist bus in Granada Nicaragua.  This Lady was pushing her small carriage in front of her on the street.  I took the Camera, like many other tourists from this same bus and took a picture of her and walk away.  I am now so sorry!

Recently I have learned that this is not a proper behavior.  It is so easy to smile, show the camera and ask “una foto por favor?” Most people will gladly respond positively and it is also a good behavior to show your subject the picture on the screen after.

I should have more respect for my subjects.  Asking them does not harm.

We did not talk me and her but she probably has memories about the revolution in the 1960s and 1970s.  The 1972 earthquake might have stolen friends and family from her.  She might have voted for Violeta Chamorro, the first female President in Central America.  She deserved my respect.

18 months later it is too late.  I can’t find her back and tell her that I am sorry.  She would probably not understand either should I do so.  This being said, I will care about my subjects and be respectful of them in the future.

About yourself, do you ask: “una foto por favor?”?  Showing the Camera and smiling while doing so is 90% of what’s needed to get a smile back and a nod.

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