Making the Shot: Golden Hour Lighthouse Picture

How to make a nice picture of the Bass Harbor Lighthouse?

So here I am on a photo workshop with Juan Pons.  For seven days we roam the Acadia National Park to steal all its treasure.  Tonight we are heading to the popular lighthouse in Bass Harbor, Tremon, Maine. Bass Harbor is located in Acadia National Park at 44°13’18” N 68°20’12” W.  We aim to be there on time before Sunset.  Juan warned us that there is very limited space to take “THE” shot of this lighthouse.

Get early to secure your shooting spot

When we come on site, the place is already crowded.  The Bass Harbor Lighthouse is very popular spot at Sunset. I am not used to take the place of others or even to place myself in a situation where I can bother somebody else.  Moreover, they were there before us, right?

So I timidly take a less favorable spot and I am looking around me to place the tripod.  Juan called my name saying: “come over here, there is a spot”.  I look in his direction and hardly see any space but Juan has always been right so… I take my tripod and I keep my bag on my shoulder and start moving in his direction.

Juan was right! It is rather amazing how crammed we can be to take a picture, even with a full size tripod.

My feet in precarious position on the edge of the cliff, my Induro tripod firmly in place with my f-Stop Camera bag on the hook of the tripod to ensure stability, I am now ready for sunset.

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Make sure the light is on when the shutter opens

As per Juan instruction I paid attention to synchronize every exposition with the light of the lighthouse glowing red.  When the sun did set, the rock took this golden color and here I had what I consider to be an Iconic Picture.

Great pictures come with dedication, effort and proper planning.  Yes, you can get lucky, one in a thousand time.  However, nothing beat proper planning.

This post has inspired me another project.  When heading north from here up to New Brunswick, there is a another great lighthouse in Charlotte County at 44°57’27” N 66°54’5″ W.  This lighthouse sit on an Island at high tide. This means that unless you go there on low tide, you can’t get to the lighthouse.  Low tide doesn’t synchronize often with sunset or sunrise.  Here is where proper planning could come into fruition.  This is one of my future projects:  I will be there on low tide for Sunrise or Sunset somewhere in the future.

Here is East Quoddy Lighthouse