Good Photographer Domain Name

Why and How!

A Photographer domain name is like a Saving Account!

Every minute you spend promoting your website is like putting a few dollars in your saving account. However, you can’t transfer the account easily to another bank. Fees for transferring the money is very high. Moreover, interest rate (your visibility) will vary tremendously depending on the domain you choose.

Would you prefer a saving account at 6% or 0.5%? That might be the difference you get from a good domain name compared to a bad one.

Over time, and based on your effort, your domain reputation (Page Rank in Google) will increase. Moving from your actual domain name to another one will adversely impact your domain reputation. As such chose wisely.

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If your actual domain does not match most of the criteria’s outlined in this post, you might consider moving to a new domain name. Pay attention, there is a penalty. Read this excellent article on the topic. If your current page rank is low, you might consider doing it now!  Check your domain page rank with this tool.

  • Easy to remember;
  • Short;
  • Easily Pronounceable;
  • Spelling (no possible confusion);
  • Tells your story;
  • No hyphens or other special character;
  • Find a .com (preferably)
  • About
  • Multi-languages? Then read this also!

1.Easy to remember;

Will your audience be able to key in your photographer domain name just by hearing it? With podcasts and videos being the norms even on social media, you need to be able to tell your domain name and have people remember it.  Is your domain name easy to remember? Do the test, call your best friend and tell your potential domain name asking for opinion on it.  Call again the day after and ask back the name and how to spell it.

Helpful Tips
  • Try two short words;
  • Start with: My, e, i, or an anagram;
  • Use a number (, pay attention: using a number is a double edge sword, test it with a friend;
  • Avoid numbers in lieu of stop words like 4 = for, 2 = to. They are confusing;
  • Easy to remember should be your most important criteria!

2. Short

Short name will be remembered for a longer period of time.  Is it likely that visitors might come less often than once a week?   You need a short name! There is no magic why name like eBay, amazon, kijiji, Facebook and the likes are easy to remember.  No more than three syllables. As you increase the number of syllables, it is becoming harder to remember. Finding short name is more difficult, however, you will be investing in promoting your photographer domain name for years to come.  Take the time!

Helpful Tips

3. Easily Pronounceable

Everyday you might meet somebody that will want to reach out to you on your web site.  Can you tell the name easily? Being able to tell your domain name in a conversation is quite important.  Does your domain name speaks well? In these day an age, with more content being produced every day than what it is consumed, you need to be able to promote your domain easily, over the phone, face to face, in a radio show. Do the test – Tell your name and ask for the proper spelling!

Helpful Tips
  • There are not much resources that help find pronounceable name.  Phonetic tools might help;
  • Your best bet is making the test and find out if your friends can spell properly a name that you say out loud;
  • Should you go the “Contest Route” make sure you make this one criteria;
  • could help perform a bulk search after a contest.

4. Spelling confusion – Try to avoid them.

Avoid potential confusion, some vowels and consonants could lead to the same pronunciation. Some words lead to different spellings. By sticking to a short name vowels / consonants that are not interchangeable you will avoid potential confusion. Remember that some plural word might be told exactly like their singular equivalent.  Make the test, tell your domain name over the phone.  Is it spelled correctly?

Helpful Tips
  • Pay attention to Homophone.  They could be deadly!;

Homophone are words that have the same pronunciation but spell differently.  These words might create confusion.  Avoid these words / syllable when possible.  You could lead your visitors to a competitor website with Homophone.

Trick:  Your local competitor domain name violated this rule?  Register the alternative and forward it to your website.  It could be fun!

5. Tell your Story

Does your story is well represented by your photographer domain name? Part of your success in promoting your brand is directly inline with your offering.  Is your domain name supporting your story?  If not, consider another name before it is too late.  Promoting a domain name that does not support your story will likely demand more from you. While some very popular web site (like amazon) are not really inline with their offering, they spend millions of dollars promoting their brand. Do you have that kind of money? Take the time, it is well worth it!

Helpful Tips
  • Look at Squadhelp to help tell your story;
  • Crowd based contests to help find a domain name;
  • Issue a contest on Facebook asking for suggestions, give a coupon for your services;
  • Are you location based?  Geo based keyword can help tell the story.
  • Keyword based domainsbot could help!;

6. Find (preferably) a

The .com TLD (Top Level Domain) is by far the best option for most people.  However… Should your services or offering be valid only in one country, this is a lesser problem. Should your website be audio only, a .fm could be great.  There are more choices in .fm. .org is usually recognized as non-profit. .net is usually recognized as network and community. However, if .com is available take it!  Take it now!

Helpful Tips
  • Make a search on for additional TLD.  They have them all!
  • You should prefer a known and short TLD over a longer one like .photography;
  • Try to stick with known one;
  • Look for other popular one for your chosen domain.  Is would be in direct competition with your
  • You might consider buying one!  You will be investing in this domain name for years to come !  Read this before though.

7. Avoid Hyphen and other special characters

Hyphens is bad.  It does not tell well, people forget it and they head to your competitor. Again, when you are promoting your domain, you don’t want all that energy and money to benefit someone else. An Hyphen is the best way to throw money down the pit. You should consider numbers well before putting a Hyphen in your domain name.

Helpful Tips
  • In lieu of hyphens, consider alternative TLDs
  • It might not be possible to match all criterias AND the .com one.
  • Alternative TLDs are less attractive.
  • Look at alternative TLDs on when needed.
  • .wedding, .style, .photos, .photo,
  • .co, .me, .biz, .org, .net

8. About

If it is available, TAKE IT NOW! It won’t be available for long.  Will you use it? The potential value (resell wise) of is really low.  Should you think about selling your business in the future, this is a bad idea. However, if you intend to remain alone and act as a freelancer, go for it. I would advise against though.  Unless you are prepared to invest a lot in your name. Buying more than one domain name is certainly something to consider.  They do not loose value over time and the yearly cost is rather small.

You could try using your first or last name with your offering.  This could create a name that really tell your story.

Helpful Tips
Hiring a photographer is hiring a person and not a corporation.  Investing in your name in the context of a Photographer Domain Name is not a bad idea.

Remember, it will be harder to sell your business to someone else if your full name is part of the domain name.

9. Do you support multiples languages?

Should you support multiples languages, your challenge is multiplied! Finding a good Photographer Domain Name that work well in multiple languages is such a challenge.  Should you want to the tell your story in a  pronounceable and easy to remember way, you will have to work harder to find a domain name that suits multiples languages. Should the search be fruitless, think about the predominant languages (or the more understood one) and focus on that one.

Helpful Tips
  • Homographs;
  • Cognate;
  • False friends;
  • Synonyms;
  • Thesaurus.

Think about homographs.  Homographs are words that are written the same in multiple language.  Search for homographs website for your proposed supported languages.  On the web, homographs are best found using cognate or false friends as the keywords.

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Chose wisely your photographer domain name!

Do you have a domain name for your photography?  Willing to share it with us and give your impressions about why it is a good domain name?  Please use the comment space below.