We are on April 6th just across the river north of Boston MA.  The sun is so good.  Students are still attending school but on this Friday at 04:00pm the warmth of the sun that was missing for some time is so good!!!

Students are bathing in this sun on Andover Street in front of Bertucci’s restaurant.  While the sun is relatively low, it is still strong.  However, at this time of the year, this is great!

While this harsh light is not great for taking pictures, with today’s tools you can do a great job making these pictures look good.  This is in no way a great shot; however, it is not a bad one.  The colors of the shop on Andover Street are vibrant; we can see clearly the faces even in the shadow.

Technical Details:

Canon 5D3
Tokina 16-28 at 28mm
1/500s at f/8.0
ISO 100

Lightroom adjustment:

Highlights -41
Shadows +41
Whites +9
Blacks -3

So tell me, are you taking pictures in harsh light?  How do you get the most out of them?