When I came to my hotel, near Yellowstone National Park I found this lobby.  This is certainly the most picturesque and thematic hotel lobby that I have ever seen.  Moose, deer, black bears and grizzly along with mountain goat, they were all there, frozen in time.

The high gloss honey wood of the walls, furniture and hand rails added to the immersive impression of being out in the wild wild west.

Every pictures and illustrations on the walls reminded me of where I was.

And this is what photography is all about!  Making sure our memory does not hide away important moment of our life.

This picture will not win any contest. However it is a very good representation of my memories.  When I came in, the decor was stunning.

Here is how I took this HDR picture of my Hotel Lobby.

I put the tripod on the ground in the lobby making sure I was perfectly centered with the stairs in front of me.  I took multiple exposures, get it all in Nik Software HDR eFex pro afterward.  I made sure I had details in the shadow and the highlight without overdoing it.

Back in Lightroom I used the lens correction to fix the parallax.  This way vertical line remains vertical.

Back home I showed the picture to my lovely wife and the reaction was immediate! “ This is truly the lobby of your hotel?”  she could not believe it.

Representing a scene, lively as our memories recalls it.  This is the intent of photography and in this picture this is a success.  Now here is the quiz:

Is this a nice Hotel Lobby, considering this at the doorstep of Yellowstone National Park?  All opinions are welcomed!