Telling a story, with HDR, might be as important as the subject.

Post-processing in HDR is also part of the storytelling in my opinion.

While wandering in Maine along the east coast, I was struck by this bike.  Looking at it with the weeds growing through it, I understood that his “Cavalier” did not ride it in a long time.  The rust had some kind of beauty that compelled me to grab a picture of it.

2012-10-22-EX-0943_HDRSo this bike has not taken care of since a long time.  This is what I wanted to show (the subject) when I took the shot.  I shot 5 exposures bracketed at one stop intervals intending to post process the shot in HDR Efex Pro from Nik Software.

When I processed this picture in Nik Software, I was confronted with decisions.  I had to adjust Contrast, Structure and Intensity of the Method and so on.

Since my subject was the missing care this bike suffered from, I intentionally accentuated the structure of this picture in order to give this bike more character.  Doing so, this picture might look over-processed.

There is a debate going on about HDR and the dislike of pushing processing over the top.  In this case, I know I have pushed HDR a little hard in order to support the subject.  I wanted to make sure my audience understands that this bike is missing an owner since a long time.  I would love to have your opinion.  Is this over processed?”
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