How about my gear and how does it makes me a better photographer.  It’s been a few years now that I started back doing photography as an intensive hobby.  When looking back at the decisions I made in the past few years there is a few areas where I have done costly mistakes and I want to share these with you:

Camera body:  I moved from XSi to T1i then T2i and then 7D, 5D2 and now 5D3.  I have succeeded reselling the previous generation at a decent price.  However, my observation is that moving to the higher end body did only marginally improve my pictures.  This year Grand Prize Winner at  the Annual Photo Contest themed “The American Landscape” by Outdoor Photographer  was awarded to +Stephanie Sawyer  and was shot with a Canon 30D:


Take the time to circle Stephanie and look at her pictures.  They are great, magnificent pictures.

It is rather amazing what could be done with an 8.2 Megapixels Camera!!!

Since my first Canon XSi, a 12 Megapixels Camera none of my Landscape pictures can rivals those from Stephanie. So… Does gear really matter?

Tripod : Yes, I did what most of us did.  I bought the cheap one and then a better one before buying the real stuff.  Reselling tripods is quite difficult though and I lost money doing so. I should have waited and buy the right one on day one.  Today, my tripod of choice is the sturdy +Induro CT214 coupled with the Induro BHD2.   When I want to travel light, I bring with me my trusty Gitzo GT1542T with the Induro BHD0 tripod head.  These two head being almost identical this means that when I have my eye in the viewfinder, I always know which knobs do what.

Visit  to see their complete line of products.

Today, I did fix another problem with Camera Bags:  Over these past years, I have bought at least 15 Camera Bags and did not find any to really suit my needs.  There was always something wrong with them.   Based on recommendations from +Colby Brown, I bought the fStop Satori EXP with Large and Small ICU, Gatekeeper, Rain Cover and Hydration Sleeve.

I do not have my bag yet, but I saw Colby’s bag while on a workshop with him.  Very well done.  Should you want to know more, book a Photo Workshop with Colby or visit fStop web site at  It is clear that +fstopgear have Camera bags in their blood.  You can see every aspect of each bags from every angle in high resolution.

Please go see by yourself.

By the way, following my online purchase, Dave, from +fstop,  called me to ensure that my order was perfect and could be release.  In my conversation with Dave, I found out about the Hydration Sleeve and Gatekeeper.  This is great customer services.

Now I can trust all my equipment, Camera, Bags, Tripods, Lenses and my Laptop.  The only things that I shall focus from now on is: “taking great pictures”.  Maybe I should have done this the other way around… What do you think?

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