What do you do to get it right in Camera?

The Bubble rocks are strange formation coming from the Ice age millions years ago. These gigantic rocks were rolled to this place where they became part of the landscape.  Here, looking it over the Jordan Pond, they are one of the landmarks of Acadia National Park.  The pond is ringed by a walking trail from which branch off multiples other trails.  These trails offer nice sightseeing along with access to multiple park features.

Acadia National Park is in Maine, US.  It’s most touristic site in Bar Harbor.  This little town on the sea-shore get cruise ship most days in the summer.  Less crowded, less expensive and more colorful, (leafs are turning yellow, orange and red) fall is the best period of the year in Acadia National Park in my opinion.  Winter is deserted of tourists and most shops are closed.  Spring brings back life to the park and to Bar Harbor

I took this picture over Jordan Pond from a vantage point that is not the usual one to take the Bubble.  I also did some in situ Photoshop to improve this picture.

What is in situ Photoshop?  This is improving the scene, to get it right in-camera, before taking the picture. In some case, this also means cleaning the scene from distractions or imperfections.  On the rock in the bottom left, leafs and the small tree trunk has been brought in to create some foreground interest.  The result is not that much convincing though.

Even though you are in a natural landscape, nothing prevents you from making sure the final shot is depicting the scene the way you like!  By the way, it is easier to add golden maple leafs in situ than in post processing.  Should you do so, look back at the result before leaving the scene.  Going back to Jordan Pond would means two days of travel for me.  It is better off doing it right, in camera, when you are there!

As always, my objective with this blog is to teach.  Each picture might have good and bad aspects to them.  Outlining each, good and bad, is a way for me to help you appreciate what makes a good picture.

When looking back at your pictures, do you ask yourself what you would do differently should you make the same picture again?

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