Have you seen these Infrared Photography pictures?

Infrared photography was popular in the film days.  You would buy an Infrared film that is specially formulated to record infrared light.  This combined with an infrared filter like the Hoya RM72 Infrared filter would block wavelength below 720nm and this would mean that only near-infrared light would be recorded.

With DSLR, doing Infrared Photography means permanently modifying your Camera.  Since sensor record near-infrared light, camera manufacturer are putting an infrared filter in front of the sensor.  Companies like Lifepixel make such changes.  Before moving on, take note that this is a permanent change and your Camera will only be doing Infrared Photography from that moment on.
I used an infrared modified Canon 50D to take this picture.  On the left side, you can see the picture that I got straight out of the camera.  This reddish rendition is usual in Infrared Photography.  On the right side you can see the black and white conversion of this same picture.

Black and white conversions of Infrared image have a very nice look.  Sky is darker, green are brighter and the contrast range is usually very interesting.  On this image you can grab the slider with your mouse and move it left and right to see the two versions of the same image.

I use Lightroom for 90% of my post processing.  I created a DNG Camera Profile using Adobe Camera Profile generator to help convert my Infrared image to Black & White.  In Lightroom I can apply the this Camera Profile for my modified Canon 50D and “voilà”.  I only need to do minor adjustment from that moment on.

If you are using Lightroom or Photoshop, take the time to download Adobe Camera Profile generator from the Adobe web site.  You could then create multiple profiles for various type of Infrared photography and cut the amount of work needed to create the final image.

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