Have you seen these Infrared Photography pictures?

In this third article about Infrared Photography I will cover how to get the blue sky with the standard Infrared Filter.  My starting point is the same image that you saw on my first article on Infrared Photography

First I import my pictures in Lightroom.  Then I edit them in Photoshop to swap the red and blue channels.  Here are the steps:

  1. Image then Adjustments then Channel Mixer;
  2. Selecting the Red Channel in Output Channel,  I change the red value to 0 and the blue value to +100, in Source Channels;
  3. Selecting the Blue Channel in Output Channel,I change the red value to +100 and the blue value to 0,  in Source Channels;
  4. I save the resulting file as a .tif file.
The resulting transformation look like this:
I then  adjust white balance in Lightroom.  I choose trees or other green plants as the sample to adjust white balance.  Infrared filter in front of the sensor block green light.  Foliage is reflecting intensely near infrared light.  Foliage is a prime subject to adjust white balance.

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