As Rick Sammon says, light illuminates, shadow define.  On this flower, light and shadow are playing the with each other.

This is not a great picture.  This is a good example of how light and shadows can bring your subject to life however.

I love this picture.  I took this picture in 2010 when I was doing a lot of Macro Photography.  I love to play with light and this is one of the results of this playing with light.  I really love the light and shadows in this picture.  Today, I would do it differently and this picture would be better.  Even so, three years after I still like it.  I like how the light and the shadows are working together to show us this decaying flower.

This is it!  A dead flower. There is a lot a beauty hidden in end of life.   In my work as a macro photographer in 2010 I did a lot of pictures of decayed flowers.  The way organic plants are evolving after having marvelled us, for hours or weeks, is stunning.

In this situation I used light from below and from above in front of a black velvety tissue to capture only the flower.

Continuous light sources help sees Light and Shadows better

Playing with lights is very rewarding.  Some scenarios works, other don’t, usually you can recognize it immediately when it work.  In this example I used continuous light.  This is one of the great advantages of continuous light.  You can see what’s happening as you move the light or the subject.  You can see the light shape the subject as you move your vantage point.

Take some time to play with light, light will reward you with exceptional shadows..