Landmark Photography is taking pictures of monument, building or other structures that are easily recognizable.  Originally, landmark referred to geographic feature, used by explorers, to find their way back.  Today, it refers to places that are of greater interest to tourists.  They have either historical significance or notable physical features.  When visiting new places, landmarks are at the center of attention.  They are well represented in photography and often become the standard images that come to mind when referring to a place.

It is difficult to do landmark photography and be original at the same time.  These pictures are many and from so all angles…

In Sedona, The Chapel of the Holy Cross is such a landmark.  Should you look for Sedona, Arizona on, one out of ten pictures shows The Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Should you do Landmark Photography?

Certainly you should!  Why not?  Should you go to Sedona, Arizona only once, you need to come back with a picture of the Chapel of the Holy Cross.  Before heading there, I would suggest that you take these steps when preparing your meeting with a landmark:

  • Research on the place you are heading to.  Wikipedia will tell you about the landmarks that are worth visiting and a bit of history on these;
  • Then, for selected landmarks, research existing pictures on, usually you will be able to find nice pictures and from these, find out the time of the day where they look better;
  • Download the application Stuck on Earth from Trey Ratcliff and prepare your trip with images available through this application search option.  This will inspire you furthermore;
  • You should also consider downloading the Photographer Ephemeris.  This application is available for your PC and mobile device.  You will be able to figure out when the sun will be in the ideal position for your planned shooting.

Landmark Photography is a great way to improve your photography.  These landmarks are in plain sight, always posing for you.  On your next trip, take the time to research your destination and prepare yourself.  You’ll bring back more than memories…