Iconic photos of landmarks and our desire to reproduce them.

Iconic photos of landmarks are referred to pictures that have been taken by known photographer of the past or present.  Such pictures are available for sales at usually very high prices.  They showcase very well-known landmarks and have been popularized because of their perfection.2012-10-19-EX-0479-Edited-Edited


When travelling in such place it is very tempting to take the same pictures in the same conditions in order to bring back home such pictures at an “affordable” price.  I certainly encourage you to do so!  You will bring back great memories.

I would also encourage you to think outside the box and look at these same panoramas with your own eyes.  Changing angle, point of view or bringing in a different element in the scene will make these pictures your own and possibly unique photos.

The two smaller hills in the middle right of this picture are called the Bubble and are located in Acadia National Park.  Photographing them with their reflection in the Jordan Pond is a classic if not iconic photo.

I took a picture of these from various vantage points hoping to create something different.  In the larger areas heading to Jordan Pond these blueberry plants where red in this early fall.  I really like this composition.  I understand that the Bubbles might not be the center of attraction.  However, this is my interpretation of this location.

Over the next years, I would like to take the time to visit other National parks and possibly return to Maine for another visit to Acadia National Park.  I will certainly document myself on these iconic photos of landmarks in these great locations.  On site, I will continue to hunt for my own interpretation of these locations.

Interested in my other pictures taken in National Parks?  Follow me on this journey!

Tell me about yourself, do you look for inspiration and try to build your own interpretation  of such landmarks?
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