5 great posts on the topic that you should read.

Landscape photography is a passion of mine.  I came to Digital Photography for it.  A lot of you feel the same about it.  This is an area of photography that is rewarding and demanding.  Rewarding because everybody like a nice, colorful landscape picture.  Demanding because you have to be up while everybody sleep and you are still out and about while most people are on the couch.

Here are a few selected articles to help you out start your Landscape Photography on the best possible foot.  They were handpicked by our team for your enjoyment.

Once done with these great read, take your tripod out of the garage, pack your gear and head out in the wild to take great pictures that you will proudly hang on your wall.  You can do it!

Landscape Photography 101

Landscape Photography is really attractive. How to make these great images? I want one of these, taken by me, hanging on my wall to show to my friends!

About PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a great resource for photographer.  They have multiple tutorials, how to’s and blog posts.  They are well known for their online photo editing software.

In this blog post on Landscape photography they help understand some of the key points about composition in Landscape photography.  A great read. I highly recommend.

About Digital Camera World

Digital Camera World is well known for their reviews of Photography Gear.  What is less known from them is their great collection of tips, techniques and tutorials in photography.  In this list of 10 things all Landscape Photographer should know, they cover very interesting topics related to depth of field, diffraction, noise, etc…

I do not hesitate to recommend Digital Camera world.

About dIyphotography.net

dIyphotogrphy (diy stand for Do It Yourself), is one of my preferred resources for inspiration and for their incredible library of affordable home made hacks.  Why pay hundreds of dollars when you can put together an affordable alternative to these high end equipment.  We, photographer, don’t make money out of thin air.

I chose this article from them because it shed light on something important in Landscape Photography.  Filters are a must!  Although High Dynamic Range has taken this field like a storm, nothing beat a filter used in the field to achieve the desired effect.  Take this good read for a spin and enjoy the rest of their great article on the topic.

About visualwilderness.com

Certainly my preferred resources in the area of Landscape Photography.  Visual Wilderness in only about Landscape Photography so if this topic is of interest to you this is a definite place to bookmark.  On top of their excellent blog posts like this one, Visual Wilderness offers eBooks, workshops and video training.

I was both stunned and amazed by this excellent read on Landscape Photography.  My initial coming to Photography was exactly for these “Wrong Reasons” they are outlining in this article.  Please take the time to read and ask yourself about your own motivation.

About the The Fujifilm Blog

Do not be fooled, the Fujifilm Blog does not promote only Fujifilm equipment!  They promote photography.  This excellent read on Landscape Photography by the team at the Fujifilm Blog is a must for every Landscape Photographer.  As some of you may know I am a converted to Fujifilm since a few months now.

This article talk about the importance of Raw, Filters, Preparing yourself, The Histogram and on and on.

Please read and do not hesitate to comment.

Photo project – The Colors of Montreal

I am working on a project showing Montreal under its different colors. The idea is simple, through a year, atmospheric and climate conditions change. I hope to show the impact of these changes on a specific scene highlighting the Montreal city.

Why don’t you start a photo project? It will take you photography to the next level! You are working on a photo project? Give us some details; I can’t wait to learn about it!

There are several things that I learned from this experience:

  • Weather have significant impacts on landscape photography ;
  • On impacts of weather changes, the light can changes very quickly;
  • Preparing myself and knowing my gear is mandatory when light changes so quickly;
  • The most dramatic changes often occur while the Sun is below the horizon;
  • Come in Early, Leave late so I don’t get sorry.