Landscape Photography is more than just seascape or Mountains reflection in calm lakes surfaces.  Landscape Photography is also about documenting what is happening in nature and how this is changing the face of the earth, for good or for worst.

Decades ago we were very concerned when wildfire were running havoc and burning hundreds of acres of forest.  Today we know better.  Wildfire are part of the life cycle of these forest and without these wildfire, the nature would not rejuvenate.

Post wildfire there is new life for wildlife and birds that thrive in post fire forest.  Lynx, marten, pileated, black backed woodpeckers, northern goshawks and boreal owls are all benefiting from post fire forests.

Wildfire free up carbon in trees for other plant life.  Many seeds survive wildfire and spring to life with the added sunlight and carbon.

This fall picture of the Yellowstone National Park forest shows life spreading across burned trees that are still standing.  These plants, then shrub will protect new rising trees and the forest will rise again.

How Landscape Photography can help

Landscape photography is certainly something that could bring nice picture home to hand on a wall.  It is also a way for us, Landscape Photographer to tell the world the beauty of nature along with the cycle of life associated with large ecosystems.

When traveling in our National Parks systems, take the time to document the life of these parks from the glory of the mature forest to the recovery after wildfire.  By sharing your knowledge of the cycle of life, you will help your audience to know better.

Did you visit one of our great National Parks this year?  Will you do so next year?  Landscape photography invites you to do so!