There are so many landscape pictures on the web where there is no information about how big the scene is.  When you are looking back at your pictures, you do remember where you were and these memories help you appreciate your picture in a way that others can’t.

Why reveal the full scale of your landscape picture?

In the included picture, there is a large boulder in the lower left of the image.  The water and the sky do not help appreciate how big the scene is.  However we clearly see somebody on the right side of the image in the distance.

This person was unknown to me.  I could have waited for her to leave before taking my picture however, being in the scene help viewers appreciate how big the scene is. This creates an additional interest and left us wondering about the size of the boulder in the lower left.

While keeping the landscape clean from any human presence is the usual reflex, in some case having somebody or something in the picture do help the picture and makes it more interesting.

Do you include voluntarily element in your pictures to help your audience appreciate the grandeur of these images?  Tell me about your stories.

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