Learning to see the light and understand the type of light that create nice pictures is so important.

Learning to see the light? How do I learn this?

When you look at a scene, look at the light and shadows and try to represent to yourself how the picture will look like once taken.  Take the shot and find out if you were right about your understanding of the light. Since the camera sensor does not react in the same way than the human eye, it is difficult at first to get it right.  However, after doing it over and over, you will get better.  At one point, you will know immediately if the shot will be good once in the camera.  This is an absolute need for a photographer to learn to see the light.

While shooting the repetitions of Spring Awakening (l’Éveil du printemps) in Longueuil, we had such great light.  The sun was pouring in the repetition room from very large windows.  This created very nice opportunity for nice picture.  As I said, this was a repetition.  Actors had a scenario to go through and they had to act like if I was not there.  This also created very nice opportunity for candid shot.

However this was not like studio shot.  I was not allowed to moves things around or ask the model to move to a better place where the background was nicer.

When I saw Her in that light with the soft shadow, I knew I had a keeper.  I like this shot a lot.  Light is pouring on her hair and on her shoulders.  Shadows are nice and soft.  These types of shadows are really nice.  I crop this shot much.  Background was messy and distracting.  After cropping, this image is more pleasing to the eye.  Most of the distractions in the background vanished.

Just before publishing I asked myself if a black and white rendition would be more pleasing.  Personally I prefer the color rendition.  But you can disagree!  Please use the comment option below and tell me, is the color or black and white version the most interesting?

Technical details:

Camera Canon 5D Mark III
Lens Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS
Aperture f/7,1
Focal length 75mm
Shutter speed 1/500s
ISO 1 600
Post processing Lightroom 4.3
Local adjustment Eyes, Vignette