This is pure lensbaby creativity at work.  The lensbaby composer is a lens like no others.  I love using it in all circumstances.  This was one of my cheapest buy and it is providing me with so much fun!

On my last trip to France, we decided to go to the Giverny Garden.  This is the garden were Claude Monet did some of his most famous paintings.  The lensbaby was the first item on the list “do not forget”.

The lensbaby create this look that I like so much.  Most pictures of flowers taken with the lensbaby composer look like inspired by Claude Monet.2011-04-18-0799

There is multiple different optics you could buy to alter the look of the Lensbaby.  I think I bought them all!  This is how much I like it.

These pictures are perfect examples of what the Lensbaby is doing.  A sharp zone varies in size according to the aperture disk chosen.  This sharp zone move in the picture by tilting the front of the lens in the proper direction.  Areas of the picture that are far away from the sharp zone get really blurry, even if they are on the same plane of focus.  The tilting of the lens creates these oval shapes that are more or less pronounced depending on the aperture disk chosen and the distance.

There is some drawback using a lensbaby.  The aperture disk is manually placed in the lens.  This is less friendly than turning a dial on the camera.  There is no communication with the body.  You do not record the aperture used in the exif data.  You end up shooting in aperture priority only.  The size of the sharp area increases when you use a smaller aperture.  This is a manual focus lens only and focusing could be a core.  If you need an aperture disk of f/16, the light going through the viewfinder is minimal and it could be hard to focus accurately.  Fortunately, there is wiggle room at f/16.

If you are unsure about this lens, rent it and go to your local garden.  You’ll be amazed by the pictures you will be taking.