In this article I will talk about line and shapes.  Lines that could be seen in pictures are powerful element of composition.  They attract the eyes and we have a tendency to follow them to see what could be found at the end of them.


Shapes are also powerful element in a picture.  Triangles are really strong shape.  They often help appreciate the third dimensions that get lost in a two dimension media.

In this picture, there are lines and shapes.  The line created by the water level on this lake is a powerful element and it is located on one of the “thirds” line as described in this previous blog post.

The nearby hill, behind the tree line on the left has the shape of a triangle.  Although this triangle is not helping perspective we know that this is farther away than the tree line and our brain is separating this hill from the foreground elements.

The mountain in the distance is also heading down on the right side. There are four planes in this picture:  The water in the front, the tree line, the hill and the mountain in the background.  The higher block of tree on the right side also contributes by its square shape that helps hide the mountain on the right side.

This is a nice, but not great picture.  The most powerful element of a picture needs to be the subject.  In this picture, the subject is nice but not great.  I remember putting my tripod on this lake shore to take this picture.  Because I do, this picture is great to me!

Do you have picture to share with lines and shapes?  Do you pay attention to line and shapes when taking a picture?

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