You know that the background can make or break the shot?  You know how true this is.  In Macro Photography, great background has the same impact you know!

On this Saturday, June 20th, 2009, I did what I used to do most Saturday morning of that summer.  I picked a bucket with three inches of water, my flower scissors and went in the garden to collect flowers.  Amongst my finding on this Saturday morning I found large Heliopsis flowers that were very nice.  And hop the scissors on the Heliopsis, and hop in the bucket; let’s go to the next flower.2009-06-20-0458-Edited

Back in the studio, I look at my findings.  I put them in separate flower vases.  This way I can put some flowers in the background, far enough to create interesting colors patches instead of using a backdrop.

Great macro photography picture needs great background!

Doing so, I find on my Heliopsis this small snail.  It is as surprised as I am.  I briefly consider throwing it through the patio door but before doing so, let’s take some pictures…

I took many pictures of the snail in various positions in this early morning.  Like I told you recently, I rotate my subjects while doing Macro Photography.  It is not moving very fast, fast enough though that my usual shutter speed shows movement in his antenna when it wave them.  I kind of like it.

How about a nice background for my new friend?  Well, one of the Heliopsis will do great!  Positioning the Heliopsis like I did and choosing the depth of field to create this effect is clearly a wink.  I hope it made you smile as I am, writing these few words.